Umpiring Accreditations

Umpires must follow a two step process to achieving an accreditation;

1. Create a HockeyEd account, and register for the accreditation course you wish to obtain.
Note – if you have previously had a HockeyEd account, do not create a new one.
If you’re having difficulty accessing your previous account, contact the state HockeyEd contact –

2. Fill out the form below, to register your interest in having a practical assessment during the season. Here – Register Here

Accreditation Renewal
If you’ve had a HockeyEd or Hockey Queensland accreditation, but need to renew it, visit the HockeyEd Website and follow the same process as a new umpire.

If you’ve had an accreditation in the past, but it was not a HockeyEd or Hockey Queensland accreditation – please email us at

Umpire Mentor Request

BWHA will only mentor umpires that have already had previous mentoring by someone within their club. It is encouraged that umpires should seek mentoring through their club before coming to BWHA.

BWHA will try their best to accommodate all request but it needs to be understood that sometimes it can take weeks to align an umpire mentors schedule with the umpires allocated fixtures. BWHA will try and provide a maximum of 4 opportunities throughout the season to be mentored by a BWHA mentor. 

Umpire Mentor Request Form