Umpiring & Tech Payments

Umpiring Payments

Only umpires who hold a current HockeyEd Accreditation will be eligible for umpiring payments from BWHA.

If you do not have an accreditation fill out an Umpiring Accreditation Application.

2024 Umpire Payments

Division Accreditation Fee Accreditation Fee
PL1 Performance Lead (Australian) $60 any other HockeyEd Accreditation $30
PL2 Advanced Lead (Level 2) $30 any other HockeyEd Accreditation $25
PL3 Foundation Lead (Level 1) $25 any other HockeyEd Accreditation $15
PL4, ML1, DP1, MM1, JT1 HQ Community Advanced $15 any other HockeyEd Accreditation $10

ML2 to 3, MM2 to 4, DP 2 to 4, JT2 to 12T1

Foundation Support (Community)  / any HockeyEd Accreditation $10    

HockeyEd Badges and Accreditations recognised by BWHA: Australian (Performance Lead), Level 2 (Advanced Lead), Level 1 (Foundation Lead) (Including HQ Level 1 Advanced), HQ Community Advanced, Community (Foundation Support)

BWHA appointed Technical Officials will be paid on Senior, Junior and Masters turf fixtures per game dependent on their current Accreditation and experience as per the Fee table below:

2024 Technical Payments

Technical Official Applications for 2024 are now open and close at 12 Noon, Tuesday 13 February 2024





Snr & Jnr Turf

Level 2-3



Snr & Jnr Turf

Level 1



Snr & Jnr Turf

Level 0



Snr & Jnr Turf

No Accreditation but some relevant experience


Will be required to complete a Level 0 at minimum during the season

Monday Masters

Any Accreditation


No accredittaion is required but a Level O minimum is expected to be obtained

Apply for Umpiring & Technical Payments

Please email a copy of your current accreditation into the BWHA Office. You will then be asked to complete a Hobby Payment Form (link below) which will allow us to make payments for allocations as per the reference tables above.  ATO Statement by a supplier – Hobby Payment Form . (This form is only required to be completed once, not every year.). You will also be required to submit your Bank Account Details via the following form – BWHA Creditor Bank Account Details Form (required only once or when bank account details change).

 It is essential to keep a record of your umpiring and technical allocations throughout the season (date, time, division and field).

Please note – it is not possible to seek payments after September of that year, for the season that has just finished.

Should you have any queries regarding your umpiring or technical payments, please contact with your umpiring records.