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Field Hockey Rules:

2022 FIH Rules of Hockey 

2022 FIH Umpires Briefing

2023 Umpires Talk with Lyn Cowie-McAlister – zoom recording

2020 Umpires Brief with Aleisha Neumann – return to hockey

Injury Management

2019 Rules Talk Slides – Div 1 & 2 Umpires

Rules Guru Videos – Hockey Zone

Umpire Mentoring Procedures:

Downloadable document – Umpire Mentor Procedures
Downloadable document – Umpire Mentor Workshop -Weekly Development Plan

Umpire Mentors are to have a Hockey Queensland Community Advance of higher Accreditation themselves to be able to mentor beginner/learner umpires

There are two types of Umpire Mentors:

On-field Umpire Mentor
Off-field Umpire Mentor

On-field mentoring
An on-field mentor accompanies the learner umpire on the field during the fixture and assumes one of two roles:

  • Engaged Mentor (blowing the whistle) – are required to umpire the fixture, with the learner umpire no further than 1 metre away, ‘shadowing’ them.
  • Disengaged Mentor (not blowing the whistle) – are present to ‘shadow’ the learner umpire no further than 1 metre away, while the learner umpire officiates the match.

Only ONE person will be responsible for blowing a whistle during the fixture.

On-field mentors assist the learner umpires by showing them positioning, signalling, explaining rules where necessary, prompting decision making, areas of control, teaching them all facets of umpiring.

ON-FIELD Umpire Mentors are allowed on all divisions up to and including Premier League 4, JT2 and MM2.

ON-FIELD Umpire Mentors are NOT allowed on Premier League 1, 2, 3, JT1 and MM1 – at any time.

Off-field mentoring
An off-field mentor accompanies the learner umpire to pre-match duties (e.g. coin toss) and then observes the learner umpire from the side line during the fixture.

The off-field mentor takes notes and approaches the learner umpire at half time and full time to discuss their observation.

Off-field mentors are NOT responsible for blowing a whistle during the fixture.

An off-field mentor should not enter the field of play except in extra-ordinary circumstances.

Circumstances where it would be appropriate for the off-field mentor to step onto the field may include an increased risk of danger to the players (losing control of the match) or umpire (behaviour management of players).

OFF-FIELD Umpire Mentors are allowed on all divisions.

Finals Series Rules (Inc. Shootouts):

2021 BWHA Shoot Out Rules 01092021

BWHA’s stance on the “Tomahawk”

Tomahawks are a legitimate skill and are allowed in ALL DIVISIONS of BWHA hockey.  The Tomahawk is a skill to be learnt, but poor execution that leads to dangerous play – must be blown, especially in Juniors. Clubs need to instruct their players on the skill, including how to defend it and where and when to use it (e.g. not in a crowded circle). 


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Turf Shoes:

Examples of Shoes not Permitted on Turf Surfaces, click here to see images