Representative Coach Information

Coaching for your association is a unique and honorable opportunity.

Coaches are required to nominate, in order to be appointed to a tournament.

Once nominated, they will be contacted by BWHA in regards to their availability for the applicable player selection trials.

Where possible, they will be required to participate in coaching the player selection trials, i.e. if one nominates for U14’s, they will coach the BWHA U14 Selection Trials.
Coaches that participate in the selection trials will be eligible for payment.

Nominations are considered by a panel of selectors, and coaches are ranked based on their experience, accreditation and competency. There is also consideration given to an individual coaches pathway, i.e. where they best fit in order to continue their coaching development.

Appointments are advised by the ‘Representative Teams’ document located at, along with the player appointments.

Appointed coaches will receive an appointment letter from BWHA which contain relevant and important information, including training times and equipment loan.

Reward for services is determined by the nature and location of the tournament. While some tournaments will offer accommodation and meals, others will offer fuel allowances.

2023 Tournaments – All tournaments have been scheduled for the below dates in 2023 by Hockey Queensland (as at 14 September 2023) and the Southern Cross Committee (TBC for 2022).

Age Tournament Date/s Where
U11 U11 Southern Cross 6 August  Downey Park, Brisbane
U13 U13 Southern Cross 21 May Ipswich
U13 U13 State Championships 2-5 July Sunshine Coast
U15 U15 Southern Cross 13 Aug Warwick
U15 U15 State Championships 17-20 September Mackay
U18 U18 Southern Cross Mar 26 Toowoomba
U18 U18 State Championships 12-15 May Cairns
Opens HQ Championships 29 April – 1 May Brisbane
Opens Big Hockey Hit Out 16-18 June Brisbane
35+ Masters State Championships 9-11 June Toowoomba

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