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Sporting Schools Program

Sporting Schools is an Australian Sports Commission initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with community sport.

Sporting Schools aims to:

  • provide quality organised sporting experiences;
  • connect 860,000 children with NSO endorsed sporting opportunities;
  • increase children’s participation in sport;
  • nurture children’s lifelong love of sport; and
  • create stronger links between children and local sporting clubs.

Sporting Schools has teamed up with Hockey Australia to deliver hockey into your school!

BWHA are committed to delivering Sporting Schools programs to schools within the Greater Brisbane area.

School staff apply for funding from Sporting Schools to use towards a hockey program at their school. Once approved, the school selects hockey as their chosen sport. BWHA receives information from Hockey Australia regarding the program, and contacts the school directly.

BWHA will send a qualified coach to the school to deliver the program, which accommodates the schools request – programs can run for example;
1hr a week, for 2-6 weeks – the school chooses the day, time and location!

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To enquire about a Sporting Schools program at your school, email

Hookin2hockey at your school

Hookin2Hockey is a Hockey Australia initiative which is designed for boys and girls aged 10 and under, but the skills can be modified to suit players of any age.

Hookin2Hockey gives young boys and girls the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends all while beginning their lifelong love of hockey.

Registration is done directly between the Hookin2Hockey website and the parents, with BWHA liaising between all parties.

BWHA will send a qualified coach to the school to deliver the program, which accommodates their needs – programs run for 1hr a week, for 3-6 weeks, but you choose the day, time, duration and location!

To enquire about a Hookin2Hockey program at your school, email