Umpiring Payments

BWHA Umpiring Payments

Only umpires who hold a current HockeyEd Accreditation will be eligible for umpiring payments from BWHA.

See below how it may affect you;

“I do NOT have a accreditation at all” – fill out an Umpiring Accreditation Application.

“I already have a current HockeyEd accreditation”view this document

“I have an accreditation, but it’s not current”view this document


Division Accreditation Fee Accreditation Fee
1 Australian $50 any HockeyEd Accreditation $25
2 Level 2 $25 any HockeyEd Accreditation $20
3 Level 1 $20 any HockeyEd Accreditation $15
4/5/Senior Grass/Junior Turf/MM Community/ any HockeyEd Accreditation $10

It is essential to keep a record of your umpiring duties throughout the season (date, time, division and field).

Please note – it is not possible to seek umpiring payments after September of that year, for the season that has just finished.

Should you have any queries regarding your umpiring payments, please contact with your umpiring records.

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