Umpiring Accreditations

Are you looking to obtain or renew an accreditation this season?

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There are 4 Umpiring Accreditation’s through the National Accreditation Program, HockeyEd and 2 Umpiring Accreditation’s through Hockey Queensland.

Accreditation Renewal

If you’ve had a HockeyEd or Hockey Queensland accreditation, but need to renew it, visit the HockeyEd Website

If you’ve had an accreditation in the past, but it was not a HockeyEd or Hockey Queensland accreditation – view this document

BWHA Practical Courses

Note that there are no specific practical courses for Umpiring Accreditations. To arrange your practical assessment, apply via the form above.




Want to know what is required of you as an accredited umpire?
View the HockeyEd competencies here.

How the HockeyEd Accreditation’s relate to the BWHA Competition;

Accreditation Division (BWHA Competition)
HA Australian Division 1 Turf
HA Level 2 Division 1-2 Turf
HQ Level 1 Advanced Division 1-3 Turf
HA Level 1 Division 1-3 Turf
HQ Community Advanced Division 4 / 5 Turf, Junior Turf, Senior Grass, Junior Grass
HA Community Division 4 / 5 Turf, Junior Turf, Senior Grass, Junior Grass


Please contact in regards in obtaining an Umpiring Accreditation.