Hockey 4 Schools

Whether your school is looking to introduce your students to hockey for the first time, or further develop the hockey teams your school already hosts, we have the program for you. We tailor for before, during or after school hours and for as many weeks as the school desires.

BWHA provide all of the equipment and supply high quality coaches. Schools are invoiced directly from BWHA to run the program.

Conditions and Costs

BWHA works off a ratio of 1 coach per 15 children.
Class groups of 15-30 children must be accompanied by school staff.
Class groups larger than 30 children will require a second coach.
A ‘session’ is 45 mins – 60 mins in length.

Program Duration/Length Cost Per Session
Hockey 4 Schools 1-6 Weeks* $80 per session

*determined mutually by the school and BWHA
**point of reference is the BWHA Office, located at 16 Melbourne Street, Windsor, 4030, QLD.