Coach Accreditation

There are 4 Coaching Accreditation’s available through the National Accreditation Program, HockeyEd.

  • Foundation Support (formerly ‘Community Coach’)
  • Foundation Lead Coach (formerly ‘Level 1 Coach’)
  • Development Lead Coach (formerly ‘Level 2 Coach’)
  • Advanced Lead Coach (formerly ‘Advanced Coach’)

Practical Courses

To complete your Coach Accreditation, you’re required to attend a Coach Practical Course conducted by BHA & BWHA;

Foundation Support (Community Coach) Course
contact to conduct a course privately or at your club.

Foundation Lead (Level 1 Coach) Course
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Development Lead (Level 2 Coach) Course
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Note that there is a cost and pre/post course work involved with attending Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Accreditation Courses.